I'm having trouble trusting my boyfriend, due to past bad relationships.

I'm currently dating an absolutely AMAZING guy. He's so kind, sweet, thoughtful, lovely, affectionate.. I could go on! And to be quite honest, it really feels all too good to be true. My last relationship I was with the guy for a year and a bit, and he treated me awfully, was incredibly... Show More

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  • First things first

    1. Boost your self esteem, no one can do it but yourself

    2. Bad relationships and being cheated on etc is something that really is not in your control (some people have that kind of luck - if you believe in it, that they wind up getting such situations all the while, however, in your case you are concentrating {too much concentration is a form of meditation and when you meditate on something too much you achieve it} on it so much that you may wind up getting what you ask for.

    3. If this guy is good then you require to reign in yourself first (easier said than done but I know by practice that it's not impossible)

    4. Talk to him about your earlier situations and your state of mind now (including trust issues and self esteem part), this must and will help especially if he is the way you describe him to be.

    5. Point 4 will also ensure that when you mess up he understands and stands by you.

    End of the day NO ONE CAN DO IT BUT YOU, it's inside you and you need to control your devils.

    Good luck :)