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The ex still being in the picture?

I have been talking to this girl for over 6 months. After returning to school from summer break we started dating and hanging out a few times a week... Show More

Also the ex boy has had a girl friend for about a year now

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  • No it's not normal there is a saying that goes if a girl can still be friends with her ex after they broke up it means they never were in love or they still are. In your case I hope it's the first. I am not necessarily sure if its normal for a girl and a guy to be friends after a breakup perhaps it would be normal if they both decided that they were better off as friends I would personally find it offensive that she was still so close to him. Just because she is open about it and doesn't lie to you that she talks to him does not mean that it makes it any less comfortable for you to know about it. If it bothers you talk to her its the best way to get things out of the way.

    • Would you have a suggestion on how to go about that without sounding like a jealous piece of crap. I just don't want to invest the time into something that the other person isn't full hearted. Do you think asking the other person if they are looking for a serious relationship a good idea or what they are looking for in a relationship to feel them out?

    • We'll I think you can just bring it up when both of you are alone & can talk about things start talking casually & you mentioned that you they text occasionally so if he ever texts her again & you are with her you can bring this up & you should let her know how you feel that you are looking for something serious and ask if she is looking for the same I think if she is not you should back off because you are most likely going to get hurt but of course this might not be the case

  • I really don't think you have anything to worry about. Also you should talk to you're girlfriend about the ex and learn what their friendship is like and possibly talk about boundaries. As long as she hasn't given you any reason to doubt her or him crossing the line then you're just worrying to much. She's with you. And besides being friends with isn't a bad thing it shows you're human. But I personally believe that you should only have any contact with an ex is if you and the ex have children together that's it.

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