I have a dilema with 2 girls and I really need some advice?

please read before answering. and I would like honest sincere answers.

girl "A"

we have been chatting online for awhile now an I feel we have a real connection. we really look forward to our conversations together. we Skype from time to time. and I feel very comfortable talking to her. we share secrets and stuff... problem is we have never met...there is a 13hour drive separating us... I mean we planned on meeting and such but the best case scenario is we see each other a couple of times a year...

girl "B"

i had a crush on her about 5 years ago.. we use to talk and stuff and thought we might of had something but she had a boyfriend and we never did anything... then she moved away...well I got an email from her that she moved back and asked me out for drinks...

i am really torn on what to do... I am faithful and honest and I talked ti girl "A" about it... she supports me and wants me to be happy no matter what even if its not with her...but I feel so bad for hurting her and if it was the other way around I would feel the same as her... I would put her happiness above mine...

so why do I feel like a monster cause I know I hurt girl "A" even though she says its ok...

im going to meet up with girl "B" to see what happens...it could be a " friend " thing or something more... I will never know unless I go...


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  • Go for girl B. You have not put any time in with girl A (in person)..plus she's much too far away for something long term to work out. Sure...it could happen, but the odds are not in your favor. It's not against the law to talk to more than one girl at a time.Girl A is nothing but a cyber girl...nothing more at this point. I'm willing to bet she's talking or dating other guys. Go meet girl B and see how things go. You got incoming form girl B already, which is a sign of high interest level...go for it!

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      I don't understand why you have a down arrow I like your answer

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      thanks Libramoon, and tswayd.

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      @ update. If you don't think you'll get another date with girl B...then kiss her at the end. If you're sure you'll get a second date... wait to kiss her then. Good luck!