How do I measure up to my cousin and get as many girls?

My cousin is the polar opposite of me. He is 6'2 with blond hair and is stunning and he works out. I'm 5'8, work out and play sports, but don't look stunning like he does. I've been told I am handsome and that is it. I have only had one girlfriend (ex now) and am still a virgin at 19. Even my ex... Show More

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  • I had a similar problem during school with my best friend (although I didn't think he was especially good-looking, but the girls did I guess). I often tried to avoid him because I began to despise him for being so popular and successful with girls. Now, none of these girls are girls I would have dated (not my type personality-wise), but with us being two competitive guys during college, I was clearly 'losing' in the ladies' man department.

    I know the feeling of wanting to be the guy that girls just come up to and offer their phone numbers, but it isn't going to happen at this point. What you should do is find a great girlfriend (easier said than done, I know) and then not worry about how many tramps your cousin has bagged. If it makes you feel better, maybe keep avoiding your cousin for now until the whole thing blows over.

    • But what if I never find that girlfriend. It will never blow over. And I have. He has wanted to hang out a couple of times but I said I was busy. That would be easier to do if I wasn't nervous about the partners a girlfriend has had already. My ex had previous hookups while she was my first kiss. So even she does better than I did.