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How do you know the guy your talking is a player or not.

Okay, well.. I've been talking to this guy that I'm starting to like more than a friend and he calls me babe,baby,boo,beautiful and all that cute... Show More

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  • The parts you mention that clearly show player are the fact that he wanders off to other girls and the fact that he hits you up then doesn't talk to you for quite some time.

    When he doesn't talk to you for quite some time he probably knows it's going to make you eager to talk to him. Players purposefully limit their availability knowing that you'll be eager for you to talk to them when they do come back around.

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  • Lots of girls on his Facebook gushing over him? That's a bad sign. Him hitting on and staring at girls left a right? A bad sign. His history of short-term relationships, or no relationship at all? A bad sign. Him reminding you of your player ex? A bad sign. If he's as hot as this other girl says he is, he's probably using that to his advantage with multiple girls. The hottest men usually are players. Not always, but the odds are good that he's not in it for commitment. You've said by your own words that he worries you. Time to get out now and find another guy who doesn't appear to need constant conquests if you want to have a committed relationship with a man.

    • thank(:.

    • Make a point of introducing yourself to more men, specifically the ones that don't already drape themselves with tons of women. The player can be temping, but think of it like eating candy. While it tastes sweet when you eat it, you just get fat and unhappy once you realize how unfulfilled it is in the long run.

    • Excellent post!

  • calls you baby.

  • You install the DetectPlayer app on your smart phone. It records a man audio and visually when he talks to you, then analyzes his speech, voice tone, body language to identify patterns consistent with players, has a 70% success rate and a low false positive guarantee.

    Nah, I'm just kidding. You have to watch his actions and see if they are consistent with his words. Sadly good players can make a girl feel the most special on the world. But players are seeking sex, to add another notch, and they are not patient about it. If they, even while being nice to you, often push for sex, it's a good chance they are a player. If they spend more than a month with you, without at least and indication they'll be getting sex from you, they're probably more likely to be sincere. But, in the end, people are tricky and there is no surefire way to detect players.

    • thanks, and He says he's a virgin

    • ah, maybe he is. and thanks for BA.

  • If he's a "hey babe" kind of guy he probably is...

  • From what you've described of this guy, he sounds to me like a bit of a player, or at best someone who is not solely interested in you! He's happy to talk with you and flirt with you and say all the right things to keep you interested, but then he'll disappear and no doubt be saying all those things to other girls! I tend to think that if he was solely interested in you, he would be around a lot more and make you feel more special and not be putting that distance between you both.

    If he reminds you of your ex, then clearly that's not a good sign, and if you're not yet over your ex, then maybe you need more time to yourself before you jump back into another relationship. Either way, if and when you do feel ready for a new relationship, from what you've said this does not sound like the right one for you. Find someone who is genuinely interested in you and wants to spend more time with you and is not taking this kind of interest in other girls... Good luck and I hope you find the right person, as I'm sure you will! :o)

    • thanks(:. he's been lightening up alot, and talks to me all day afteri told him how I felt.. and he's actually proving to me a little more that he likes me, he asked me on a date wensday night after work and to a movie so hopefully it works.

    • Well that's good to hear and of course I really hope this works out for you, so good luck! :o)

      Ps. I've sent you a friend request on here, if that's ok! lol

    • Hey, I remember you saying you had a date on Wednesday night with that guy... How did it go? :o)

  • sounds like a might be a player :/

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  • This guy sounds like a player, IMO. Just really flirty.

  • He calls you all those cute pet names so he doesn't get you name mixed up and call you the other girls name.

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