Is it OK to ignore someone if your taking time for yourself and your angry?

My boyfriend made me feel a bit disappointed and angry. He told me he would come by after work. He didn't even call to tell me that he couldn't come. He just didn't. Also I called him through out the day today to tell him something but he didn't call me back once today despite as many times as I... Show More

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  • Just do it, have you ever heard about the rubber band effect? Don't ignore him but make him your last priority for a couple of weeks, keep too it and don't contact him as hard as it may be, and wait... If after 2-3 weeks he's not begging for your attention then he's probably not worth your time in the first place...?

    Google, the rubber band effect. :)

    • Don't use these silly games

    • A game or not, it works.