Is it OK to ignore someone if your taking time for yourself and your angry?

My boyfriend made me feel a bit disappointed and angry. He told me he would come by after work. He didn't even call to tell me that he couldn't come. He just didn't. Also I called him through out the day today to tell him something but he didn't call me back once today despite as many times as I called. He told me alil while ago that he's been working a lot because he's trying really hard to move out. So he works at a gas station for many long hours trying to earn and save money. Lately I feel like he's focusing more on his own life and I feel like I'm a last priority these past few weeks. I understand that people need time to get their life together sometimes but I also think that people can get their life together and make time for the person they are dating as well. They can still call them, hang out with them etc. He still comes by to see me during the week but I just don't like how its been the past few weeks, he doesn't call me back like he says he will and he takes forever to text back and he always says he's at work trying to make money. After today I just feel kind of upset. It doesn't take much to call someone back or tell them that you can't make it somewhere. He already knows that I don't like that and I prefer him to tell me if he can't make it somewhere instead of just not coming, with no warning or anything. So I really don't feel like talking to him about it. I kind of just want to be left alone and I don't want to talk to him, doesn't seem like he wants to talk to me anyway. I love him and will always support him, if and as he betters himself as a man but at the same time I can't be a last priority like he's been doing this past two weeks. I feel like I'm the one who does the calling and texting most of the time. He says I don't give him a chance to call me and do stuff first. So I thought it would be OK to just stop and ignore him for like a week so I can have time to myself to feel better and he can start putting more effort into calling and etc. Is it OK to ignore him if I'm upset right now and just want alil time to myself? I feel like sometimes you need to show people some actions to prove a point or to express how you feel.


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  • Just do it, have you ever heard about the rubber band effect? Don't ignore him but make him your last priority for a couple of weeks, keep too it and don't contact him as hard as it may be, and wait... If after 2-3 weeks he's not begging for your attention then he's probably not worth your time in the first place...?

    Google, the rubber band effect. :)


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  • Google the boy band effect and then BAM there is your answer


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  • Don't ignore him, just make yoursel not so available, let him contact you and take time to text him back. If he takes 30 minutes to reply you should take like an hour to reply. I hate playing games and don't normally recommend it but you need to back off a little bit. Guys don't want to feel smothered. Give him space and enjoy your own time.