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Know any good songs..?

About:A friend taking your boyfriend/girlfriend...Not needing your ex anymore...Getting revenge on him/her...Moving on...Also anyone know a good way to get back at your ex/ex friends for humiliating and hurting you? And for your exbest friend stealing your boyfriend/girlfriend? Without physically hurting them of course.

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  • A friend talking to boyfriend or girlfriend - Luke Bryan...Someone Else Calling You BabyNot needing ex anymore - Brad Paisley...I'll Take You BackGetting revenge - Disturbed...This Moment, Taylor Swift...Picture To BurnMoving on - Chris Young...Tomorrow, Lady Antebellum...Ready To Love AgainAs far as the best revenge? Live well. Have a good life without them and let them see it.

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  • aaah I wanted to post a link but stupid gag won't let me because I'm not exper level 4 GRRR...well peter by daughter is an interesting song