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My ex boyfriend texted me...Guys opinions are much appreciated.

Okay so in a few words . I was in a long-distance relationship with a guy and after about 6 moths he broke up with me. I accepted that and left him... Show More

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  • He's probably confused as well. It seems like he might feel bad and also may miss you a bit. He contacted you so it means 1. He was thinking about you 2. He was concerned and 3. He misses you at least a little bit. It's nothing to read too much into though, I don't know if you still like him or what but don't get your hopes up or anything over this just yet. This could just be nothing; he might feel like he's just being a nice guy trying to see how you're doing or he might have realized he made a mistake breaking up with you and truly misses you and feels bad. It's too early to tell though. He could have kept the silence going and not have contacted you at all but something sparked him to do so and in my experiences its: because he missed talking to you, was genuinely concerned about how you're doing, texting you is what he's familiar with - not necessarily any intent involved, or maybe he just wanted to see what you were going to say. Haha I hope that didn't sound stupid. I wish I knew more so I could help more...good luck.

    • Noooo x)!You didn't sound stupid x)So first of all thank you for an answer!I still like him though(did text him back) and I don't know what will come out of talking to him this week,when we will,but thank you x)!Still bit confused,but you did help :)

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