Why do guys enjoy playing girls?

I AM so FRUSTRATED! This guy I met over the summer and I hooked up a couple times. I decided I was tired of just hooking up and wanted to do other things together since we essentially talked everyday. He didn't want a relationship, I did but it wasn't a huge deal, but I did want to do other things... Show More

Oh and he doesn't know about the other guy for a FACT because we don't have the same group of friends. And that other guy isn't anything serious. Just talking.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I have a belief that guys don't play girls, girls play themselves. Men aren't nearly as sneaky or clever as women give them credit for being. Usually there are signals that the guy you are about to mess with is a creep. Women decide to ignore. This guy is clearly blowing you off, get your jacket and don’t deal with him anymore. If you do choose to keep him in your life then do so knowing full well he’s played you before and will probably play you again. Sometimes when a woman feels comfortable with you she starts to lean on you. She does it because she feels comfortable with you and is placing her trust in you. At the same time, if you do this with a guy who is not 100% sold-out into you, or has any doubts at all…then you can have problems. The girlfriend becomes a burden, a responsibility, a prime consumer of time, money, and emotions. The guy can become slowly annoyed, and come to resent the girl, leading him to play the hell out of her eventually. That’s why it’s important for a young woman to be careful of who she chooses to lean on, also she may want to consider being more self-sufficient, less needy. Again, remember that there are red flags that a girl should be looking for when she dates. If it feels like he’s a player, then he probably is.