How to comfort my friend and help her get over her ex because I can't stand seeing her hurt?

Here is the situation: my friend lets say she's called Emily was dating this guy called jack, now they had what I would have considered one of the... Show More

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  • I'm going through a break-up at the moment as well so hopefully I can offer some insight on this. I would suggest that you do not, by all means, compliment her or come across as wanting her. She's vulnerable now and probably misses him and having a boyfriend in general and adding in your feelings will NOT help things. Be her friend and that is all. Do not sleep with her if she randomly hits on you (not that this is common but it could happen), instead be there to comfort her and talk to her. The best thing you can do is ask her about how she feels, be there to listen to her, and offer your input on what she has to say. Tell her you want to help.