Can't get him out of my head, should I see him again?

So last year I met that guy, who really messed me around for six months. At the beginning it was just a game between us, and he knew that I didn't want anything serious.But he did everything to make me believe he wanted to be with me, and I ended up being madly in love with him. At one point he... Show More

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  • It sounds like you're a sucker punishment. In your question you've listed a myriad of reasons of why you shouldn't see him again. Lets list them.

    1. He really messed me around for six months

    2. he was immature he could change.

    3. When we met up after that he said he changed his mind

    4. Then it was total silence for months, and I spent the summer being depressed and totally messed up as to why he would manipulate me this way

    5. I know he has a reputation of being a real b*****d

    6. he has a girlfriend (even if he said they broke up many times,and that it didn't work well, it seems they're still together

    7. I am not so blinded I realize he's just been making fun of me all that time, like he probably has done with so many others.

    8. I really feel like I need to see him again to actually move on, eventhough this is so risky because he'll probably find a way to smooth talk me into him again

    9. feel that I have compromised a lot for him in doing things that went against my principles, and I just feel so vulnerable.

    10. I also feel guilty for letting such a bad person hurt me

    All this, and you still want to see him?

    Here's what I suggest. You need to search way deep down inside for the reason why you don't believe you deserve good love. I'm almost pretty sure you have plenty of daddy issues. I can't imagine why else you would put yourself through this kind of torture if you had a good example at home.

    All love is not good love and it is imperative you gain some self love before trying to love someone else, or else you'll continue to find yourself falling in love with one bad news dude after next.

    I wish you luck.

    • thanks a lot for opening my eyes :) I think you're right I need to do some serious work on myself to stop myself from falling for this kind of guy again...

    • I was there once. Learning to love myself changed my life. It really starts with you. Take a time out from dating and save any ounce of love you have to give for yourself. Once you know how that feels, you won't accept anything less. :-)