What is the first move for most people?

Ok so a lot of people on here are talking about liking someone and someone liking them back and making the "first move" my question is...what is the first move for most people?


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  • Well the first move, and best one to make is go talk to the person. Not everyone will see a smile, nor catch you looking at them. They might have stuff on their mind, and not paying attention to what others are doing.

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  • Usually, this means asking someone to go out together, as a couple, but it can also mean just texting them since a lot of people live only through their electronics these days.

  • For me the first move wouldn't be meeting them. It would be the "hey, let's go get lunch" thing.

  • Talking is the first move.

  • Mine is looking at them... and if they look at me back for couple times then I go talk to them or just tap on their shoulders from behind and when they turn around I say HI...and I start a convo from there

  • Walking over and introducing yourself.

  • A smile.Hi.

    • If you want more than a hookup, you're completely right.

    • Well that is what I thought too. I am just confused as to why people think telling someone they like them is the first move... Here I was thinking it was friendship

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  • A smile

  • kissing.

    • Now that's a move

    • precisely.

    • assuming youve already met and know them, yeh she's right. and its because guys don't take hints or moves cause we don't see them at all lol. what you think is a move could be to us just a smiling happy woman lol a kiss is obvious and to the point and UNMISTAKEABLE

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