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What is the first move for most people?

Ok so a lot of people on here are talking about liking someone and someone liking them back and making the "first move" my question is...what is the... Show More

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  • Well the first move, and best one to make is go talk to the person. Not everyone will see a smile, nor catch you looking at them. They might have stuff on their mind, and not paying attention to what others are doing.

    • Thanks for BA

    • Your welcome :)

What Guys Said 7

  • Usually, this means asking someone to go out together, as a couple, but it can also mean just texting them since a lot of people live only through their electronics these days.

  • Walking over and introducing yourself.

  • A smile.


    • Well that is what I thought too. I am just confused as to why people think telling someone they like them is the first move... Here I was thinking it was friendship

    • If you want more than a hookup, you're completely right.

  • For me the first move wouldn't be meeting them. It would be the "hey, let's go get lunch" thing.

  • Mine is looking at them... and if they look at me back for couple times then I go talk to them or just tap on their shoulders from behind and when they turn around I say HI...and I start a convo from there

  • Talking is the first move.

What Girls Said 2

  • kissing.

    • Why kissing?

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    • precisely.

    • Now that's a move

  • A smile

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