Does my guy friend love me or did he just want sex

over the past year he's said this stuff to me, even up until last week.

"no other girl is as compatible to me as you are"

"someday we'll both be single"

"I wish you were single. We could be good together"

"I think one day we'll end up together. You should feel that too"

A week ago I went to his place just to hang out and he took advantage of me after a couple drinks and shots(I was drunk he wasn't really) I pushed him off me and told him I couldn't do that to my boyfriend. He had been single for over a month, so it wouldn't have been cheating for him but I'm a very loyal person. I have been with my boyfriend for over a year now and love him very much, my friend has gone in and out of his relationship with his girlfriend. The following day I woke up and left his place, he was even nice and let me sleep in his bed while he got the couch. He hasn't spoke to me since, I deleted his #, and deleted him off fb. I saw 4 days later he was back with his girlfriend and made his status public which he always had private before. I'm confused why he has said all this to me yet he gets back with his gf? We've known each other for 6 years, since we were 16. by the way I was his first love in high school, but I rejected him. Then I liked him and he rejected me so I don't understand him.


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  • First off, I want to commend you for being loyal in those circumstances. I don't think very highly of someone who tries to take an advantage of a lady who is intoxicated while he remains sober. I realize that sometimes that both are intoxicated and therefore things happen that normally would not have. I think that he is thinking with his d**k and using your past friendship / relationship as a shoe in for sex. I have a strong hunch that if you were to give in to him, you will see a repeat of what happened when you said; "Then I liked him and he rejected me" and you won't understand why he effs you and forgets you.

    Don't read me wrong here, I'm not saying that he will eff you and forget you right after one time. He would likely keep on with you for as long as you allowed yourself to be used this way. He likely will be on the prowl for another all along. Likely "girlfriend" again.

    • This sounds pretty similar to something that happened with me...friendship doesn't always equal a special treatment pass from jackassery. If you ever do decide to try things with this guy make sure there is communication to what you both want, and proceed with caution

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  • Well why do you care? If you're with your boyfriend (and good for you being loyal) then shouldn't care too much why he's back with his ex. It sounds to me like he craves attention (or more he needs a relationship). It's hard to say that he only wants sex from you since he only made his move after knowing each other so long. I mean for a guy who only wants sex to wait a year to make a move would be very diabolical. I think he likes you but once he realized he couldn't have you (again good for you being loyal to your bf) he moved on.

    It could just be circumstantial that he got back with his girlfriend after this event or perhaps once he felt rejected he sought out something or someone to make him feel important/wanted/loved

  • You have just been used for sex, and the chances are you will pay the price by losing your current fella by allowing yourself fall into such a tested method of getting into a girls panties. Hopefully you can live with the fact of being used and keep it away from your fella, but often this becomes a guilt you need to be honest about, good luck and make this a lesson learnt,x

  • You rejected him. He's hurt and that's about it. He might get over it or he might not. He should appreciate you were being loyal. Sounds pretty immature to me.

  • People are complicated. Just ask him straight up what's going on.


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  • well I would say the reason for this is because he really has feelings for you and keeps himself busy until you available. does he dump his girlfriends after he finds out you are available? is it like you are both waiting to be single? Because it sounds to me that you and he are tag teaming. one will be in a relationship while the other is single etc. it sounds like he is trying to be the good guy by keeping his distance and waiting his turn.

    I think he really loves you but dates girls to keep his mind of you. if he is saying these things to you then must care and feels that he has to let it known. so what I say is that he dates to not be lonely and that to keep his mind off you but when you are single maybe its a punishment that he stays in the relationship and by the time he wants out you have moved on. so it could be a hit and miss that maybe one day could come together. this exact thing happened to me except we have known each other from grade school.

    so just follow what your heart says and if you love your boyfriend stay with him because your friend should have came to you and told you these things and acted on them rather than just sit and wait to see what happens.