Does my guy friend love me or did he just want sex

over the past year he's said this stuff to me, even up until last week. "no other girl is as compatible to me as you are" "someday we'll both be single" "I wish you were single. We could be good together" "I think one day we'll end up together. You should feel that too" A week ago I went to... Show More

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  • First off, I want to commend you for being loyal in those circumstances. I don't think very highly of someone who tries to take an advantage of a lady who is intoxicated while he remains sober. I realize that sometimes that both are intoxicated and therefore things happen that normally would not have. I think that he is thinking with his d**k and using your past friendship / relationship as a shoe in for sex. I have a strong hunch that if you were to give in to him, you will see a repeat of what happened when you said; "Then I liked him and he rejected me" and you won't understand why he effs you and forgets you.

    Don't read me wrong here, I'm not saying that he will eff you and forget you right after one time. He would likely keep on with you for as long as you allowed yourself to be used this way. He likely will be on the prowl for another all along. Likely "girlfriend" again.

    • This sounds pretty similar to something that happened with me...friendship doesn't always equal a special treatment pass from jackassery. If you ever do decide to try things with this guy make sure there is communication to what you both want, and proceed with caution