My boyfriend seems like he holds onto back up girls!

I have a quick question I'm hoping you'll help me with.

My boyfriend gets friend requests from ex girlfriends he says are crazy and wants nothing to do with yet when they request a friendship he doesn't hit no he hits maybe later!

What would that mean to you?

He's also done the same with woman who post pics with their ass in the air and have video can shows for a price!

Do you say no to friendship request and get them off your FB if you have no interest and never will or do you hit maybe later?

What do you think of this?


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  • It depends, whether or not you can trust him to that extent or not. Everyone have their own outlook, you'd know him better. I can't say he's keeping backups or not. Depends on how as a person he is. Like I've a lot of girlfriend but am not inclined to each of them romantically. Maybe I dated them earlier but now they're my friends or close friends and I don't want to hurt them that bad by denying their requests. What wrong they did? Maybe he thinks from this prospective, thing is you need to talk to him and pick out a way that works for both of you.

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      This has nothing to do with feelings being he didn't exept the request he hit maybe later. so as she would see it he did not except the request. my question is why would someone they have no interest in hold onto a friend request and not hit delete request?

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      Frankly speaking, he's a guy and we do've a prob of taking the way that'd add more to our self esteem and/or is more interesting rather than the simple way. Am assuming he's something like me, as for me it'd be boring just to delete and its just my mind, I wouldn't have thought a sec about it. Its just a male mindset. Don't worry and smile :)