What would you do if you found your ex boyfriend/girlfriend as a 1inch tall guy/girl?

If your ex boyfriend or girlfriend shrunk to one inch tall because of a virus welter him/her and you found him/her at this size what would you do in this situation


Most Helpful Girl

  • Depends on which ex. Some of them I'd laugh at and even consider squashing with my shoe (and I would greatly enjoy it...) if it was my other exs, I'd be very careful with them and care for them until we could find someone who could change them back. I'd do everything I could to help them, plus I think it'd be fun having a 1" tall person be with me 24/7.

    • yeah it'd be fun having a one tall person 24/7 with you.especially if this one tall person was your closest friend.think you are always carrying your closest friend in your pocket.this would be cool but if this one inch tall person was a male,you couldn't carrry him 24/7 with you at least while you are taking bath :)

    • Haha that depends on which ex... ;)

What Girls Said 5

  • My boyfriend would laugh at me, I know.

    I'd put him in my pocket and go in search of a scientist to change him back to his usual 6'5 self.

  • I'd pick him up and put him in my pocket so he'd be safe :)

  • They're my ex, so I'd step on them and squash them! :P

  • Nah, I'm not looking for my ex.


What Guys Said 3

  • That'd be awesome! So many cool possibilities!

    • can you give some examples from theese cool possibilities? :)

    • She could help me with exams I'd just put her in my ear and she can shout the answer out to me! She could rob a bank without anyone noticing! She could do brain surgery much better than anyone else!

    • hah ha they are cool and funny possibilities :)

  • see if she need's any help.

  • I'd have the kinkiest sex ever.