He wants to break up

We have been together for 2 years. We have had many ups and downs! I talked to my ex 4 months ago and I told him. He got really mad but we didn't break up, but now he does. The past 2 months we havn't fought at all and now all the sudden he brings it up everyday and today he said he is done. I don't know what to do! I love him so much and don't want to lose him!


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  • The best thing to keep someone from breaking up is to create more memories with him.

    Go outside and do fun things like dancing, golfing, horseriding, hiking, skiing, billiards, bowling or others. If he doesn't want to go, just tell him that though he's going to break up with you, you just want to spend some quality time with him while it lasts.. He will eventually cave in and as you create more and more memories with each other, the lost attraction will reignite, and he will come back to you.

    It works like a charm with a lot of people on the edge of their relationships.


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  • Well I'd wonder (if I was your boyfriend) why you suddenly feel the need to talk to your ex. Especially if your relationship is a little rocky at that point you talking to your ex would bring up serious insecurities in me. Now you haven't done that recently (I assume) so it is a little strange that now he wants to break up.

    I think you should communicate how you feel. Tell him you don't want to lose him and explain why. Ask him why he's feeling like things are over especially when the past two months have been relatively good. Just tell him you don't want to give up on the relationship so fast and ask him if he would be willing to give it a try... Also apologize for reaching out to your ex in a moment of weakness. Convince your boyfriend that he's got nothing to worry about (if he has nothing to worry about)

  • Dont know how to say this...Me personally, I don't like a girl who talks to exs. It causes to many problems, not jealousy but if you can't move on from an ex, how can you progress with what you have now. I would just respect his wishes. It won't be easy but you will survive. Just occupy your time with friends and family. Everyone will go through this in life, I have and I've moved on from my exs.


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