Girlfriend thinks I'm cheating...

My girlfriend cheated on me two times. I took her back and now have been texting a lot with another girl. Nothing has happened with her yet, but she wants something to happen for sure.

My girlfriend saw some texts and never specifically brought it up, but I know she knows and is now chasing me a lot harder. She assumes something happened between me and that girl already.

Whats my move here?

so we got in a fight last night and big surprise, she brought up the other girl! I guess she heard about it from her friends

i could see in her eyes she liked it a little like I wasn't the perfect person I had always claimed to be (little does she know I am I haven't cheated ahah)

now, I of course forgot to foresee, she might cheat again because she thinks I'm cheating. but I don't think she was going to stop anyways.


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  • hmmm. I'm going to be a bit naughty here. the fact that she cheated on you twice and now is worried that another woman is pulling you away is just plain selfish. that is a possessive type behavior. doesn't it tick you off that she's all over you now just because there is another girl making a play for you? it would me so here's the naughty part. you can either one just break it off with her and you probably already know its not going to be pretty. she's the type that's going to kick and scream and throw things. Or if you really want to teach her a lesson you can do the second which is, LOL, get a friends phone or several ppl's phones and text yourself all these sweet and naughty messages. Make sure you name the numbers female names so she will be inclined to snoop. She will think there are so many girls out there making a play for you and realize how good she's really got it and treat you like a king! you can choose however long you want this to go on and stay for awhile or break it off in a couple of weeks. Told you my answer was naughty! lol. If you do it, I wanna hear ALL about it! LOL. I actually did this to a guy once who cheated a couple of times. We both know why your staying. ;) Good Luck!

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      love this answer haha, I'm gonna try this out I think

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      Haha who thinks of this?! Awesome