Do you ever really get over an ex?

I have a question for you guys! My ex broke up with me 6 months ago for ridiculous immature reasons. Our relationship was great, but cut too short. We still had feelings for each other until a month ago when he told me things were getting too complicated and we should just move on for good.

Anyway, I see all the flaws in him. I probably would never date him again But part of me just wants him so bad!

Same thing with the ex before that. Me and him broke up like 2 years ago! But even seeing a new profile pic on Facebook...seeing his face and him having fun in the snow and stuff...reminds me of when me and him used to have snowball fights. And I thought I was TOTALLY over him. But I feel like if I see him in person, it would be so easy to just go back to that relationship.

Do you guys ever completely get over your ex where you have ZERO feelings for them? Or is there always a part of you that thinks of them every now and then, and miss your good times together? Does it matter how your relationship was and how you broke up on how much lingering feelings you have?


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  • I got over my ex the moment my trust for her was gone.

    I don't trust her anymore and I don't suggest anyone to trust her.

    Intentionally lying to me doesn't ring good in my ears.

    I can't do anything if someone doesn't have any feelings left for me.

    But if you don't have any feelings left, then just say it to me.

    Don't try to hide it or I will find it out.

    "Sugercoating" the truth is worse than actually showing the reality to me.

    Since she doesn't contact me anymore (and nor do I), I figure she doesn't give a sh*t.

    There's no reason for me to care about her, I'll sincerely let karma take care of her.


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  • I do. I've apply the theory that it takes nearly as long to get over someone as the span of time you were dating. So if you're in a relationship for 6 months it can take up to 6 months to get over it.

    I know where you are and there is this feeling that you'll never get over it. But you will, it will slowly get better and better. But seeing their picture pop up will probably always stir up some feelings. I've been broken up with a girl for six years and am in a happy relationship but when something comes up where I see the ex's picture a part of me (I'm happy to say a tiny part of me) gets some sort fo feeling; anger, irritation, etc.

    You'll definitely get over it. It can take time, but friends, family, and other relationships will help you move on and one day you'll wonder why you ever had any feelings at all

  • Usually, we always think about our exes, because hey, everyone has flaws. It's not like you ever find someone who is perfect.

    So from time to time, you think only about their good least, most of us do that. If we look at old pictures of brings back the good times, for most of us.

    Assuming, of course, that the break-up wasn't really awful, truamatic, bloody, or something like that.

  • Yes, I just cut them out of my life, which girls seem to have a hard time doing. Don't text or call them because you feel guilty or you miss talking to them. Just stop talking to them. Eventually you'll get over them. My take a year but eventually you'll care less about them. At most you'll long for something similar to what you both had, but you won't long for the person specifically.

  • I have feeling of happiness for the MEMORIES, but not for the person.

    I'm not gonna sit here and lie and try and project a whole bunch of macho BS...breaking up is hard and it freakin blows. There's just no way around it.

    I feel like I do a good job of actually allowing myself to grieve the loss of the relationship, which is important. That combined with the fact that I cut off communications with that person 100% (and I do mean ONE HUNDRED PERCENT) makes it "easier" to move on.

  • Definitely. The past is in the past. Forgive and forget names.

  • For me, no, I don't get over my ex but I have (before) forced myself not to contact a girl that I decidedly cut off from my life for what ever reason. This guy became distracted by something or someone. That's why he changed. With guys, they are easily open to suggestion so that if any other girl comes along and says the right thing and/or does the right thing, that guy suddenly yo-yo's for the girl who offers the most thrill.

    He's a victim of his own emotional impulses and you are getting the short end of that situation. It's unreasonable but it is what happens. No doubt about it.

    Let me know how things turn out for you, if you want. Good luck!


  • I recently got out of a bad relationship: The girl was a pathological liar, cheated on me with her ex, hid it all from me, and was a coward. Even when I wanted to make things work, she didn't. I was in love with who I thought she was. The girl I loved before that hated me. People just need to remember who that person really was.

  • sure. just quit communicating completely with them

  • do the x2 math,

    how long you have been together x2 is how long it will take you to get over

  • Crazy thing is, I was thinking this exact same thing last night lol. When I begin to think of how 15-20 years from now I open up my scarpbook and seeing her next to me and the whole getting married page and stuff lol. But yea, I think in time one will/should. I know I'm not completely over mine even though I will say so. Now I wish I was but right now it's just too soon I guess. The feelings are too deep but hopefully they will soon fade, especially after how bad she treated me during the back end of our relationship.

  • Most of those guys are lying if its easy for them to get over her if they really had feelings for her...for me its hard to get over someone I had feelings for.

  • Yes

  • 100% yes.Every last one of them.


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  • i think the ones we truly love and whom we gave our everything and our whole hearts to we never really forget them. yes we will move on have new relationships but if we were to see them our hearts flutter like it did back when we first met them. that's because we never got the closure we wanted. you will think about them from time to time and may even think about how different your lives would be with them in it. trust me I know this for a fact and from experience. there was this one time I was asleep and called an ex name in my sleep, my husband was sceptical sa to why you can only imagine the tention. (we're over it and moved on by the way) but it was because he ended things for reasons only he knows but our relationship was great for 3yrs with no qurrel or fights and we were to marry, but I never got that closure and my trust broke but love never faded so that's why I say no.

    • Are you still married to him or did he divorce you because you said an exes name in your sleep. I wasn't sure reading your post.

    • The ex ended it, not the husband.

    • no he didn't divorce me, we're past it

  • I think if you are truly in love with someone you never really get over them. Mine and I broke up over a year ago and I still think about him everyday. I loved him with all of my being and we ended it.

    Sometimes you will think of them so.etimes not.

  • It took me years to bury the past memories and put it all behind me. I would say it is possible but it takes a long time to forget someone and erase the memories of them.