Do you ever really get over an ex?

I have a question for you guys! My ex broke up with me 6 months ago for ridiculous immature reasons. Our relationship was great, but cut too short. We still had feelings for each other until a month ago when he told me things were getting too complicated and we should just move on for good.

Anyway, I see all the flaws in him. I probably would never date him again But part of me just wants him so bad!

Same thing with the ex before that. Me and him broke up like 2 years ago! But even seeing a new profile pic on Facebook...seeing his face and him having fun in the snow and stuff...reminds me of when me and him used to have snowball fights. And I thought I was TOTALLY over him. But I feel like if I see him in person, it would be so easy to just go back to that relationship.

Do you guys ever completely get over your ex where you have ZERO feelings for them? Or is there always a part of you that thinks of them every now and then, and miss your good times together? Does it matter how your relationship was and how you broke up on how much lingering feelings you have?


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  • I got over my ex the moment my trust for her was gone.

    I don't trust her anymore and I don't suggest anyone to trust her.

    Intentionally lying to me doesn't ring good in my ears.

    I can't do anything if someone doesn't have any feelings left for me.

    But if you don't have any feelings left, then just say it to me.

    Don't try to hide it or I will find it out.

    "Sugercoating" the truth is worse than actually showing the reality to me.

    Since she doesn't contact me anymore (and nor do I), I figure she doesn't give a sh*t.

    There's no reason for me to care about her, I'll sincerely let karma take care of her.

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      Your situation sounds a lot like mine. It's always nice to have people who you can relate to.

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      Indeed :)

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      you summed up my previous relationship. lol.