He doesn't understand that I need time ALONE too....guys tips?

y boyfriend lives with me and my kids, just all moved together the last month. He works an opposite shift than me. I snuck home at lunch for a quickie and he was sleeping. He later said that he "took a nap and should have woke him up." Well that isn't happening when he is miserable when he wakes up. I travel an hour home from work and get there about 6pm, and two of my kids are with me on the way home. His days off are T, W and Sat. So we only see each other for a few hours those days and the hour or so that he wakes me up in the night when he gets home to talk.

So with the hour travel...NO ONE seems to realize that I need time ALONE as well as everyone else. I always either have kids (teenagers) around or he is always wanting to talk. So last night...I was frustrated from work, frustrated from no sex in a couple weeks, and I just wanted to be ALONE to wind down for a bit then I would have been back to my normal self. He sents me messages "can you go to the store, I'll wait for you and we can go to the store, etc." He doesn't realize that I need time ALONE. He always thinks that I am just in a bad mood, etc. He does cook dinner, but doesn't start it until AFTER I get home on his days off when he has been home all day. Sometimes I just sit in the same room as him and read and don't want to be chatting, but he doesn't get it. What to do?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Tell him that you need time for yourself like everybody does, there is no problem about him and the relationship, its what everybody needs, relax time for themselves, like sleeping, reading, watching TV etc. Just tell him but don't be rude, he will see that you work hard and that you deserve a rest from everything. So when you get that you will have more energy and be happier, Tell him that he needs his time too, its better for the relationship too