How do I forget about my ex completely? It's been 7 months

My ex, my only girlfriend to date was with me for about a year and 9 months. She suddenly broke up with me last July. Let me explain the relationship. She initiated the flirting and it went on for about 6 days. Then I asked her out and she was the first girl to not say no to me. I gave her everything I could when we were together, and she loved it. About 2 months before we broke up, she started taking me for granted and wanting me to buy more expensive things, change myself etc. She told me she wasn't ready for sex so for those 21 months we did not have sex and I'm still a virgin. I took care of her when she was sick (even though she lived 40 minutes away). One day she said she can't be with me anymore, wouldn't give me a real reason (said she had problems to work out).

I was devastated when she broke up. Now I have always had confidence problems with my body, how many girls are attracted to me etc.. and I try to counter that with working out, exercise, and socialization with friends. But for the last 7 months, every once in a while she gets into my life somehow. I dream about her beating me at something, or her dating someone else in front of me, having sex with someone else. I'm not friends with her on Facebook and don't remember if I deleted her or she did.

How do I forget about her? During our relationship there were a few insecurities she added to my list that have been hard to work out though. I need to forget about her as soon as possible because it sucks to be the guy and to care so much more.


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  • was she your first love?

    • There was a girl I liked before that for about a year and then I asked her out in August and she said no. That was heartbreak of itself. I only had crushes before that and never did anything about it. I asked my ex out in October of that same year and she said yes. She was my first real love I guess.

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  • Go out and find someone else.


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  • It usually takes half the time you were together to start to heal. I think you're doing fine and I would suggest to fake your confidence until you make it.