My ex keeps switching between wanting me back. Worth it?

He broke up with me, just to let you know. And it was to go back to his ex and he said that it was Because I wouldn't have sex with him but he kept changing his mind about that. And he keeps changing his mind about a lot of stuff. 2 weeks after he broke up with me I was taunting him a little and... Show More

Sorry guys I know that's a dumb question. I guess I just wanted to have people remind me he's not worth it. or just to talk about it. Thanks anyway.

Most Helpful Guy

  • you are both being immature. Him only wanting a girlfriend who wants to have sex says all you need to know about what he REALLY wants. And you flaunting a new romantic interest in front of his face shows that rather than communicating you may resort to underhanded methods of getting his attention or stoking his jealousy.

    Ultimately he is in the wrong to be so fickle and constantly putting you in an awkward and emotional position. It sounds like he probably does love you, but like many high schoolers he is obsessed with sex and will be with whomever he can get that from... I think for your own sake you should just create distance between the two of you. Just move on. Find a guy who likes you for you and won't pressure you or be disappointed in you if you're not ready to have sex with him