My ex boyfriend broke my heart and provoked me to can I get him back?

Please don't come here to judge / blame.

One year ago, my ex boyfriend did sth to break my heart and he provoked me to cheat him (not serious, just kiss). I know this is not justifiable for the cheating and I felt guilt for it for a year.

But at that time I was so angry at him and hated him and I decided to move on for good.

But until today, I discovered I still love him because I can still cry for him almost every day. After so many dramas, I really realize he is the one I truly love.

How can I get him back?

My ex boyfriend said he forgave me already because he knew he had part of the responsibilities. But he lost the trust in me and he feels the things will not be the same anymore.

Also, I think part of him believe that we two do not match each other and so he want to move on.

Meanwhile, I could feel he still has feelings to me (I am not certain tho)...I really love him and am willing to rebuild a new relationship with him. What can I do?


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  • If kissing counts as cheating most people including myself have cheated. Your only human, don't feel too bad. I know where you are coming from with feeling for your ex. I still care deeply for all my exes they were such important influences in my life and helped me become the man I am today. I let them go but I think sometimes I should have tried to get back together with some of them. As a guy I think I would have just asked for a date and if she agreed go on from there. If she wasn't interested I would have to respect her decision.

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      I m a girl...I did everything I could like begging/crying/giving gifts etc to ask him back. But he told me he feels I will live better without him...

      Should I keep fighting for him or just NC until he changes his mind?

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      thank you for the advice :) I really hope we can get back tgt and I truly know how to love a person now

      but meanwhile..i am also prepard that he might move on for good

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      Your welcome =)