Why am I still in this relationship?

it all started when we met online then we moved in together 3 months later because HE wanted too he got drunk and was super mean to me calling me names after that he got very violent we were living in the 3rd floor of his house I moved in with all my nice new furniture a dresser night stand and book shelf every time he got mad he would break them he would punch me in the head beat me with a stick den we moved to the 2nd flloor he proceded to be violent slapped me hard as I sat on the bed he would just get mad and pour juice all over me and spit on me he broke all the furniture I moved in with I cureently use broken dressers and plastic drawers to keep my things i got a cute vanity desk and now he cracked the mirror it came with my hair straightner he broke it he broke all my things hes the reason I can't have anything i have tried to leave to him but before he was 17 and would threaten me now he's 18 and I'm 21 and he doesn't break stuff anymore or beat me but he... Show More

theres so much more to this story but eventually I will try my best and make my life right

this is the worse I've gone through and I know there's still hope it can get better .. I just have to hang on and wish for it ..

if he continues to do this to me I will leave him people can only take so much and I've taken enough

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  • He has mental issues, leave ASAP. Leave all your broken sh*t there if you have to. But I'd just leave and never come back and never contact him again. The only reason you seem to be staying is because of fear. If that's the reason, then you need to conquer that fear by taking measures to keep it down. Surround yourself with your friends ( preferably some guy friends ) and if it comes down to it, the cops. But one thing is for sure, get the f*** out...You're the only one who can make yourself happy with the decisions you make in life. You only have one life to live, are you sure you want to spend it like this? Also, it wouldn't surprise me if that one life would be shortened by this guy of yours...

    • on update: "if he continues to do this to me I will leave him people can only take so much and I've taken enough". You're saying yourself: "you've taken enough". So why do you INSIST on continuing this relationship? It's a not a question of IF he continues at this point, but WHEN he'll do it again...Smarten up and move on woman.