Just found out my ex girlfriend cheated on me during the relationship

I posted a few weeks ago about a break up and I got a lot of advice, most of which I should've taken. But here's the new story: I dated this girl for 3 years, we had our ups an downs and even a month break, got back together and about a month ago she ended it. When that happened I was destroyed, I... Show More

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  • I would bring it up to her in her face.

    Dont cry, Don't get mad. Well yea get a little mad, but show her and tell her that this is complete bs. Be very dry with her. Dry and to the point.

    Ask her why she allows her friends to dictate who she dates. At the end of the day, only your opinion matters on any situation. Not her "friends". Explain to her that's like her loser friends telling her where she can and cannot work. So make sure you state that.

    I would rub this really hard in her face. Tell her the pain she has put you through. Ask her if she would like it if you did this to her. Tell her you want to see effort. And if she doesn't want you, to honestly grow balls and dipp.

    Its time you start acting like a man bro. From this point forward in life. No more mister push over, unless she actually changes.