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I am so lost and thought I was being helpful when he needed me

So I've been and on again off again girlfriend to this guy for over 4 years now. Our last break up didn't end so well but we remained good friends.... Show More

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  • Sorry, didn't read the whole thing. But, sounds like drama, drama, drama. I see a trend here. He was off and on with you for 4 years, then went into a another drama filled relationship. I know most woman love, I mean love to try to fix a guy. But won't happen. I suggest you leave him alone. Find a hard working, educated, respectful man. And give your ex time to figure out why he can't hold a healthy relationship. He already stopped talking to you for another woman. That should have been a hint, hint to you. To be honest, it does sound like you like drama. Or maybe you are very insecure about yourself. He has started ignoring you again and you want to know why. Well he is immature and not ready for a healthy relationship or friendship for that matter. You stated you have a history of abuse in a relationship. Please learn to run the other way. Love yourself enough to know no woman or man deserves that.

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