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I broke up with my ex boyfriend of a year last month. We had talked marriage and I thought we were extremely happy. The anniversary of his father's death was approaching and he had a hard time dealing with unresolved issues. he started ignoring me and going out with a friend who is wild and wants him to be single. I worked hard to get a surprise for him as he was trying to get into school and I spent countless hours arranging a scholarship for him, which he did not think he could get. After weeks of being ignored I called and we ended up breaking up. he said he lost feelings for me two weeks ago. Then I get a phone call when he finds out about the scholarship. He also sent me a text with a picture which reminded him of me. A friend of his , who I do think is cute, asked me out. I still have strong feelings for my ex but knew if I felt sorry for myself it wouldn't work so I agreed to date this new guy. Two of my ex's friends with whom he is in constant contact with have taken to downgrading my new relationship with our common friends and online. Does the text and his friends downgrading my new relationship means he still cares? he is the type to never apologize or admit he is wrong.


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  • The last statement explains the answer to your whole question. He doesn't think what he did is wrong, but he does think it is wrong for you to move on. But you know what? He left you. So you have every right in the world to move on. Get on with your life. Ignore the haters. And enjoy yourself.


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  • move on already.


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  • It sounds like he cares for sure but he has too much pride admitting it.