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When is it OK and not OK to get back together with ex?

Question speaks for itself. I am not talking about a clearly dysfunctional relationship before the breakup, and when either of the partners are a... Show More

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  • but as you say it depends on the circumstances and why they broke up , like say they broke up cause one had to move away but had an otherwise good relationship and now they have moved back I'd say that be OK .

    but if they broke up cause of cheating or serious issues it might not be a good idea to get back together

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  • To me, an ex is an ex.. I have no desire to go back to any of mine. Happy with that too!

  • If you broke up for circumstances that were likely temporary then it's okay to give it another chance. Like if the reason you broke up is no longer an issue.

    • what is a temporary circumstance?

    • Like if one party needed to get their sh*t together or couldn't commit to a relationship because of something they were going through. Circumstances that affected the relationship that came from outside the relationship.

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