If guys don't take initiative, it equals disinterest, correct?

I'm pretty forward so I don't mind making a move on a guy if I think he's interested but what are the reasons a guy, although interested, would not take the initiative besides being mind numbingly shy?

Reason being I'm interested in someone right now and every time I make a move, I get a great response, but realistically this guy is not asking me out or starting fb chats for example. He doesn't seem shy and I haven't seen him flirt with other girls besides me.

Thanks for all your answers! You guys are great.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Not at all! Us guys are masters of coming up with excuses not to take the initiative.

    He doesn't think you are interested

    He thinks you have a boyfriend

    He thinks you are out of his league (which is the worst self-defeating excuse ever

    He doesn't want to get friend zoned

    He is shy and nothing short of you showing up naked at his door will be interpreted as a sign of interest, and even then he may think you are playing a joke on him and still not act

    He will ask you out when you are not around your friends

    He will take initiative tomorrow (he says that everyday)

    So yes he's probably interested but a master of excuses