Cheating, lying boyfriend. what do i do ?

I have had suspicions for awhile that my boyfriend maybe cheating on me. I have been with him for just over a year. He told me that he constantly cheated on his previous girlfriend but he would never do that to me. ha ha

Because of my suspicions and because his explanations of where he had been were littered with holes I checked his phone this evening.

In the past 4 weeks he has slept with 5 girls ! I can barely type on here because I am shaking. I have seen all the texts to these girls and there is no mistaken that they were dirty one night stands !

I feel physically sick ! and now my health is at risk !

WHAT DO I DO ? Do I tell him I snooped because I didn't trust him and found everything out ? HELP !

I would just like to add that he only recently admitted how he cheated on his previous girlfriend which was a huge red flag and why I went on his phone !


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  • I'd break up with him and say it's because you feel that you cannot trust him... You don't have to say you know everything in fact it's to your advantage not to mention it as he'd probably just try and turn it against you by saying you have no right to invade his privacy and so on. Ending it this way means you can end it and voice your opinion, at the same time it's something he can't argue against. If he tries to convince you or beg, you can just say it's how you feel and that it's important to you. Believe me it sucks now, but being free for a while and moving on will eventually feel good.

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      Thank you ! He has arranged to meet a girl on Saturday ! I have a good mind to just turn up !