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What do you do to break the silence after an argument?

I got into an argument with my boyfriend and now he's not speaking to me. It's ridiculous really, it wasn't my fault. It's over the smallest thing... Show More

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  • I HATE the silent treatment, its like what is this going to help? lol

    Since it wasn't your fault, let him come to you. He'll cool down and come to his senses and apologize once he sees you won't take the blame for it (if it wasn't you, that is). Maybe you two should go watch a movie or something and separate your minds from all this. Then maybe he'll see it differently.

    Hope it works out!


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  • I'm Mr. freeze. I won't talk for days to weeks depending on the incident.

    Wait it out. Sooner or later I have to say something.

  • Don't apologise and just change the topic - move on, that's what I do :/

  • Well if you don't want to reach out, take some space, and ignore him until he comes back to you.

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