Why do I always feel bad if he doesn't text me back right away?

im getting very close to a guy and we text all the time, if I text him and he takes more than like ten minutes I think he's mad at me or something... but I know he's just busy... I just can't help but think he may be mad. why do I get so nervous?

i forgot to include that he likes me... a lot he's told me that about four times...


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  • i am going through the same exact situation. I just feel kinda lost at what to do. most would say 'just talk to them'. I find myself being afraid that it will make her mad. the reason we get nervous is just because we like them and are afraid at all times that they aren't going to like us back. I find it helpful to just think it through. if he didn't like you, he would have never been texting you in the first place. I think that keeping our heads in the right place instead of stressing is the most effective approach.


What Girls Said 1

  • I hear ya, I'm the exact same way, going through the exact same thing with a guy. It's always weird when sometimes they text you right back and sometimes it takes days or hours, you never know. It sucks but just approach it rationally. Clearly you know he's into you, just remember that when you start getting anxious. And remember, he has a life--friends, a job, even though he may have gotten your text, maybe he doesn't have time right now to answer it. Whatever it is, I'm sure he's not mad! Just be patient, don't smother him with messages [trust me, it's not the answer], and wait for him to get back to you.