My girl has a horrid cheating past. Do cheaters change?

My girl just confessed she had cheated on every one she had ever been with... this comes to my knowledge after we got engaged. I funny know if I can trust her. She says the other guys deserved it... how long till I "deserve" it?


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  • Sweetie, you have probably heard this saying throughout your life: Once a cheater, always a cheater. And the one: A zebra doesn't change its stripes. She is most likely no exception to the golden rule.
    I say this, because everyone who has cheated, Always has some motive, whether it is Just in them to cheat on Pete, or not ready to settle down with any clown or----being vindictive towards their current cutesy for something he or she---"deserves."
    Another wise old saying my mom always taught me: Nothing in life is ever guaranteed but death and taxes. And the same holds true to life in this situation.
    Although you are engaged in one respect, doesn't mean you are hooked at the hip in another, and even if roped and ring tied, that is also never a "until death do you part" for sure Better or---worse. She could Find any reason for just slipping out one nite, and it could be just for the silliest thing: A fight over who should take out the garbage.
    Do some serious soul searching before you get Really Into something you may find hard to Slip out of in the future.
    I am not saying it Would happen to you, but if it would, it could be After you are married that----you Could "deserve" it. xx

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      Very good advice. Thanks

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      Thanks, an dgood luck.. You seem the type of guy who really does---deserve the very best, and much too classy a guy to put up with any "non class" act. xx