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Why do guys play mind games?

I got dumped by my ex. He's been continuing to harass me for the past few months. He doesn't want to be with me thought he says but wants me without... Show More

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  • Dump him through not communicating with him its your best bid. go out have funn and you'll find the man who treat you well.

    • I think that's what I got to do to move on. Hopefully he realizes then what he lost. Why do you think he keeps calling and wanting to see me after he dumped me but not want a relationship with me? I told him to just get over me and not call me anymore but he said he doesnt' want to. Nor does he want to get with anyone else so it seems. Do you think by not picking up his phone call he will go crazy and realize?

    • He might go crazy by ignoring him. but realizing what he lost I'm not sure about that. he should figure that out from the first time when he left you. not just trying to keep you on the side. while he can't make his mind what he wants from or with you. he's not taking you seriuosly.

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  • Well you can try and stay with him for a while but if he does it oncew more then just don't go back. find a new man. or gal. and forget about him that's really what you need. because well that SUCKS

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