Can anyone tell me why my boyfriend "pretends" to sneeze on me?

I've known this guy for a while and we recently started dating. He's very sweet and playful, but he has this habit of putting his forehead against mine and then suddenly "sneezing" on me! I constantly ask him to stop because I find it offensive and he's toned it down a bit, however he still does this. I've come to terms with it and I just laugh when he does this but I want to know. Why?


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  • Awh. I actually find that adorable. He probably likes to do it because it makes you laugh and he likes to see you smile/laugh.


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  • He is just flirting with you. People often mess with their partner like that. When guys get older we fart under the covers, and throw the covers over our woman's head. LOL That is a classic. Its how we show we care. :)

    • Thanks! I also thought this was very helpful, especially the part about what guys do when they get older, so thanks for the heads up on that! Haha

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  • Tehnicaly it is weird, but i just got such an adorable image of it.