Okay does she have a boyfriend?

So i finally got the courage and asked this girl i liked out to dinner today (she was the one that suggested it last month, actually. we passed this fancy restaurant and she was like "we should both dress up and eat there sometime".) Anyway, she said yes. She was really really keen on it (she said this twice after i asked her out) and she said she wanted to wear heels and dress up in a fancy formal dress and stuff. So i said i'd wear a suit and pick her up.

But here's the catch, she was texting someone called 'baba'. Isn't that a word girls use for their boyfriends? (i dont know what she was texting, i just saw the contact name)

She hasn't mentioned a boyfriend to me yet, and i've known her for about a month (see her once a week and we hangout after class, i have her number but we dont text, just talk face to face).

So yeah, i haven't booked a table yet (i told her i'd call her to let her know a time and date). But i'm now having second thoughts on doing this, i do really like this girl. Do you think she has a boyfriend?


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  • I think that baba means dad for many different cultures. I also think that if she did have a bf then she wouldn't have said yes to going out with you as well as suggesting for the two of you to go to that restaurant together :) If you are still having your doubts then maybe try asking her if she is in a relationship... Don't just come out and ask her randomly, but try bringing it up casually in a conversation. But if i were you I would still go along with the plans and let her know when you're going to be going out together


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  • She probably doesn't. When girls have clothes friends they call them "pet" names. Im not one of those, but some girls are. Just ask her straight up and calmy to clear things up, otherwise why would she agree?

  • No not bf, it means dad


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