When guys talk about plans in the near future/distance future.. what does this mean? Are they thinking on a longer term scale?

Question basically says it all. Such as saying that they are looking forward to summer because they will have a lot more free time to hang out with me. Also making plans into next fall etc.

Does this mean he sees a future of some sort with me?


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  • yeah i'd say so - or at least he's entertaining the idea for now - vish is right though - some guys do this about everything - extrapolating everything into the future - some guys spend hours thinking about/crafting/refining/improving their "Big plan" - who they want to be, what they want to do, what they want to achieve - a lot of the time to suprising detail - I know i've bin like that in the past - but every body is different (duh) - so who knows - maybe he's stringing you along - maybe he is genuine - you have to make the call on that one.

    all the best


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  • see a future? well as far as the summer anyway. It does mean that they see you as a part of, at the very least, their immediate future. The further they kind of discuss things (like vacations, or plans regarding living, etc) it is an indication of the role you play in their life

    • In the same conversation we somehow got on the topic of marriage and our personal opinions on it. We actually thought a lot a like on the subject. I would assume a guy wouldn't open up to talk about those things to just anyone?

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    • Oh I definitely agree and know that he would not know if he wants to marry me so early on.. that would be just crazy! We both seem to want the same things such as being in a relationship for 3+ years before getting engaged, signing a prenup, and wanting kids when we are 30 or so. He opened up to me so much that I was taken back. I didn't even know that guys liked to discuss this sort of thing so early on. We are both 25 years old. Is it a good sign that he was able to open up so much to me?

    • definitely. It means he feels comfortable disclosing things with you, he trusts you, and at the same time he wants to know and gauge your feelings on certain things

  • Yea seems like thinking on a long term scale, but some guys are like this when it comes to anything not just love but any damn thing in life.

    • We have been hanging out for a few months now and things are going well. He also gets jumpy if I don't answer my phone right away the other night. He's like so what were you doing that you couldn't answer. I assume this means he is worried? I have no idea how guys work. This is the same convo he was talking into the future about stuff.

    • Not worried but more on the Possessive side. He wanted to make sure there is no other guy competing against him for you. He wants you to pay him total attention...That's how it works for some boys

  • It's transient idealism. It's not that they see a future with you but instead that they are plotting out a future if nothing changes. Totally different concepts that humans do all the time.

    • To be frank it has nothing to do with you as a person and more to do with the situation on the whole. It's no different than when you planned out your life when you were 9.

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    • Ok so in summary it's safe to say he is currently thinking future orientated with me but I shouldn't get too excited about it because it could all change in a snap of a finger? Meaning if it falls apart it wouldn't be the end of the world?

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