Interesting observation, girls on okcupid looking for guys who are 10 years older, why would you do that?

why would you want to date someone who's 10 years older that you? is it for sex, maturity , money or other reasons?


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  • Maybe money, maturity. Completely different reasons I don't know. All I can say is I'm a guy in university and with tuition and all costs of school even with a job it is the hardest thing ever to pay for dates with girls or get her gifts. So I always look like a loser. Men who have real jobs can do this way better.

    • Shouldn't be dating girls, who expect to be paid for 100% of the time. Also, gifts are not mandatory, but should be viewed as a gesture of goodwill. You're not obligated to shower a woman with presents.

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    • Oh this was just my thesis on why girls like older men. Personally. I've never once been on a date so the financial side of it is no issue for me.

    • In my personal experience, older men have always been full of themselves.
      That is not to say that ALL older men are douchebags, but you know... the older one gets, the more baggage he accumulates (of course this works for both genders).

      I prefer men in my age range. Hell, my boyfriend is 2 years younger than me, haha.


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  • Its a matter of the age of the girl. If she is in her late teens looking for a guy in his late 20s she might be looking for a guy to treat her like a person. If the girl is in her 20's she might be looking for someone who is more stable.
    There are some people who are looking for something that guys their age cannot provide. Mind you there are some people who are looking for sex or money. Thats just how things are.

  • I have never dated a girl my own age. When I was younger I dated older girls. Now, ideally for me, early 30's. The concept of dating men of similar age is a fairly modern concept. In times when it was seen as wrong for women to work the age gap was generally about 7 years. This way the younger woman got a greater degree of stability

  • They want the same thing all women want.

    They're no different.

    • Stop wasting everyone's time and put decent sized answers on rather than one-liners that does no help at all.

    • I agree with losemyself :)

    • I did say the same thing as all women, right?

      She listed them: "Sex (experience), money, maturity."

  • 10 years older? They want sugar daddies. Most women want a guy around their age.


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  • I once went on a date with a guy 10 years older than me.

    Holy shit was that awful, I can still feel the awkward.
    We had nothing in common and he kept implying how amazing, stable and mature he was, whilst being the most boring person on the planet. Fekin bleh. Is that what girls really fall for?

    We had nothing in common, our views and ideologies were completely different and he kept flaunting his supposed maturity by saying how he understands the world better because of his age.

    It's like his age was a defining characteristic to him. I promptly removed myself from this man's presence, since the while date he was just saying that I'm a child and will understand things better when I get older.

    What a douche.

    • Eh, it wasn't so much as "better", but more like he felt like his age made him wiser by default.
      In any case, he was quite deluded in thinking I was impressed with his behaviour.

  • It depends on the person's circumstances.

    For example a mutual friend is married to someone the better part of 20 years older. In her case I believe she was looking for financial security and has three kids now. Before this all happened she was a nice looking lady and had a decent life, however since then she's gained a great deal of wait and is often frequenting the casino.

    Another example is a person from my school year, who wasn't having much luck with people in our age group because she's too serious. So she went looking around in the older barrel of fish and found a man she is very happy with. No kids or anything legally binding yet. So maturity was her reason.

    Concerning sex as a reason, I don't really see how it comes into play expect for experience, however when you're learning new 'tricks' with your lover it means more. Another thing to consider is that guys are more sexually active/ or seeking it during their younger years. So sex as a reason is a bit of a grey area. I wouldn't list that as a reason.

  • I don't know about other people, but me personally I'm now only interested in dating older men because I'm done with babysitting immature guys. I'm way more mature than my age and many friends of mine are in their 40s-50s. I am comfortable with people who are even older. I don't make a lot but I am financially independent, so I don't really care how much the other person makes/has as long as they can live a similar or better lifestyle (financially) as I do. The other reason I like older men (well, at least those who I like) is that I can learn a lot from them, they are knowledgeable, confident, more responsible, stable, done with playing around, and can look and plan beyond just tomorrow. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that someone who's 5 years older can't be like that; it's just that I haven't met anyone like that yet. My ex and the current date are both 20 years+ older