Are There Really Guys Like This?

Do Guys Really Believe In Fairytale Love And Things? Are There Really Guys That Love Girls For Their Personality?

I Don't Want Girls Telling Me About How In love Their Boyfriends Are.

I Wanna Know From Guys.

If A Girl is Not Physically Attractive But Has A Rockin Personality Would You Date Her?

Why Or Why Not?

And What Makes Her Attractive?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I need both looks & personality, however two of my friends are with girls because of their personalities.

    One important note though, I say looks are important to me, but a lady that's attractive to me might not be attractive to anybody else. Likewise there are ladies that other guys go gaga over who I think aren't attractive.


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  • loving a girl for her personality isn't fairytale-ish in any way, and yes plenty of guys do. me personally its very easy for me to get attached to a smart and witty girl with a fun personality regardless of what she looks like.

    • I Didn't Mean Loving A Girl For Her Personality Was Fairytale ish. Lol.

      I Meant Girls All Have This Dream Of Finding A Fairytale Love, Does That Exist For Guys?

    • Ohhh, no not in my experience no.

  • Yeah it is possible. I say that if you like someone then they become the beautiful to you. The girl I'm trying to start a relationship with was a best friend. I never really noticed her beauty before. I just thought she looked ok, but after I started falling for her I think she is the most beautiful girl in the world right now. I wasn't initially attracted to her either.

  • For me it is all about a girls personality if we can click on a good level and yes there always has to be at least a little physical attraction.

  • Yes there are, but like sanseek said there needs to be at least a little bit of physical attraction or else it probably won't work out.


What Girls Said 1

  • Watch the bachelorette. Michael claims to want the fairy tale kind of love and he's really hot so its a double plus :) and I think he actually means it when he says it. They actually have full episodes online. Just google the bachelorette and the web site will show up and they have the episodes.