Starting to like this girl but she is taking forever to reply to my texts is this a good or bad thing?

We have been flirting for the past day or so but she still takes forever to reply what should I do?


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  • No if it's been 2 hrs then I would say she is just responding to be nice. If someone is into you then yea they might not want to look too ignore but wouldn't wait no 2 hrs that's ridiculous.. Maybe no more than 20 mins but once y'all start getting into the groove it shouldn't matter how soon someone text... If y'all both like each other it should just flow naturally. What I'm getting at is maybe she isn't the right one?


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  • Calm down and wait. As long as she keeps responding you are fine. She might be busy.. or thinking of something cute to text you back.

    • How long do I need to wait to text her again so far its been 2 hours since she replied

  • Flirting for the past DAY? It's too soon to even know, honestly. Maybe she has fallen shy.


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