How do you know that you are ready to return to the dating scene?

Last Friday marked a yr of celibacy and single hood after my last boyfriend dumped me. I did make a promise to myself that I was gonna sit it out and focus on myself for at least one year before I get back into the dating game. My last bf hurt me and un top of that exposed me to Hpv, which the doctors said was low risk and I am getting treatment.
Over the last two weeks three men asked me to be their gf and I turned down the offer. I was not interested but I met this guy he is not to hot on the radar but he seems very nice. I want to give him a chance but I am afraid of what my family and friends would say and I son't think I can go through another painful break up. So when so when does one knwo that he/she is ready to get back into the dating and relationship game?


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  • Everybody goes through painful breakups. You need to get back in the dating game, honestly sitting out for one year seems excessive to me.


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  • It's like falling off a horse.You just get back on and ride again, or remain scared forever.
    I'd give it 2 weeks after a partner walks out.I can make it shorter, if I'm convinced it's permanent.

  • How do I know I am ready? Whenever a girl is willing to take me.


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