Why are some girls so confusing? What gives?

Whenever we see eachother in college (we have 2 classes together, bio & chemistry) she won't say hi or anything to me UNLESS i say hi to her first. Like i saw her yesterday and walked past her to see if she would even say hi, which she didn't, so i said hey and stuff and she was just like "oh i was wondering if you were gunna come to this lecture!"

And after that we both enthusiastically talk to eachother, then before we part ways she'll always be like "i'll see you Thursday" or like "i'll see you Tuesday", and then when i see her on Tuesday/Thursday, still she doesn't say hi unless i go up to her. Why? why can't she just say hi to me? is it because she's not interested and/or just sees me as a friend?

FYI, i asked her to an early 6pm dinner last week and she said yeah which i'm taking her to tomorrow night.


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  • well thats great, it'll give u a better chance to know her and what she's all about..and in my opinion girls are sometimes shy..im not shy generally but i can't just can't talk to boys first.. iguess most of us feel that if we initate the conversation we might look stupid.. i know think ideology is weird but thats how some girls think like lol and also we kinda expect guys to approach, yeah i know a bit cliche..but the thing is ur situation is really normal and u dont need to worry about it that much..hoope it helps :D


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  • She likes you but she's shy and unsure of how you feel about her, and therefore doesn't want to put herself out there. The dinner invitation should clear things up though.


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  • It's still the guys job to approach the girl most of the time. You've done this, you get a date with her, that's the first part of your job done. Well done.

    End of stage one.

    It can be confusing for guys sometimes, especially at uni with a lot of educated and independent women. I remember opening the door for a group of women once and got abused for it! WTF!

    She doesn't sound like this kind of girl thankfully. She may be shy, more traditional or simply like being treated like a lady where it's the guys job to chase her?