Girl is dating me but not interested?

I've been dating this girl over a month - we text every day (pretty even in who initiates), and we've been on 5 dates (mostly me asking, but she asked me out to a bar once). When we're out, we have a good time with good conversation - but she can also be a bit distant. When I drop her off, she always has an excuse not to invite me up, but we have the goodnight kiss inside the car (quick - nothing overly intimate about it). Whenever the topic of the relationship has come up, she gets uncomfortable and says that she doesn't want to get into a serious relationship with so much going on in her life (just bought a house, switching jobs, etc).

Do you think she's just using me for free dinners? Still feeling me out while she goes through these life changes? Playing hard to get?

My plan is to just keep things casual for a while and see if anything changes. But I definitely don't want to waste my time (or hers) if it isn't going anywhere. We're both late 20s, by the way.



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  • cmon it's been only 5 dates.. any man, if a woman started talking about 'a relationship' after 5 dates only, would creep out and run. that's probably why she's feeling uncomfortable. stop putting so much pressure on 'where things are going'.. also for your own sake. if you like her, keep it casual for a while, if she's still acting cold, meh, leave it alone.


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  • She has a kid or bf

  • Sounds like she's not sure of how she feels about you.


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