How quickly do girls like guys to make a move?

Had a first date with a girl, ended with a big hug but that was it.

Almost a month later and we are about to go on a second date tomorrow, it took so long because we both had busy schedules including leaving town, and she is recently divorced and kind of was worried about going out again for a little bit, but she is excited about it again now and said she can't wait to go out again tomorrow.

So should I go for a kiss tomorrow? If I don't, would you girls take it as a bad sign? How quickly do you want us to make a move?


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  • Be aggressive, be, be aggressive lol. The guy has to make the first move for me. I'm not saying be some brute caveman king douche of arrogant island but be a man take charge and let me known that you want a kiss. I would say do things to let her know you want a kiss, caress her hand, touch her a lot she'll expect it. And kiss her gently and nice of she wants to ear your face then she'll take charge but be aggressive but in the moat subtle way.

    • So I should do it on our next (second date) then, right?

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    • Hmmmm yes she's is more than likely mistaking it for a hug. Are you touching her at all during your date?

    • It was a dinner the second date, we hugged like 3-4 times but really no beside that


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  • I think it would be ok to go for a kiss but nothing crazy like shoving your tongue down her throat or feeling her up.

  • It's far more manly if we r into a guy that shows us he's into us. It's not like a big rush to kiss, but even going for one is a good idea. I personally CANNOT stand guys who wait too long on the woman to make moves.

    • This is so true. A guy who is too shy and won't take a risk and make a move is a complete turn off.

    • I disagree. I do like not being mauled and to me its a turn on if he is patient and does not mind waiting fir me to male the first move.

      i hate aggressiveness 'just bc' for no reason other than he is supposed to be bc he has got a penis. so annoying.

    • Who said being mauled? It's not about that. It's about a man being a man and not waiting on me to go first, that's on asking me out, or the first kiss. I'm sorry but I've been around guys who liked me and when they hesitated a long time to say it, I just eventually felt I had to take the role of the man and I didn't do it. Sorry, not for me. Big turn off. I have to be very take charge at work, and I don't wanna do it all over again in my personal life.

  • i hate when guys try to kiss me on the first date..just dont do that!

    and when you do dont shove your toungue down her throat unless she doeslol


    • What about second dates?

    • ya seconds are fine, as long as you guys had good conversation both dates..and it seems it like she likes you.just be polite and walk her to her car or know..have manners :)

    • A peck on the cheek or a little kiss on the lips on a first date can be nice though. It helps to eliminate the whole...'does he like me?' syndrome.

  • Like within 5 minutes

  • Okay girls are raised up to believe that the perfect end to a first date is a kiss. Its romantic and girls look forward to it the whole night. So dont let another date go by without making some kind of move. Like others have said, make the move, but let her complete it. You dont want to just plant one on her and not have her want it. That will end the night on an awkward note lol.

    • I didn't screw up then not kissing on the first date did I, so I should make sure to go for it on the second one then!

  • I like a little aggressiveness. I mean, be subtle...don't attack her as soon as you see/meet her. Just let her know you are interested. Do not go for a kiss until the end of the night. And keep it short and sweet, keep her wanting more. If you want a relationship, being too aggressive could make her think you only want a booty call, so you have to carefully judge the night. Good luck!!

  • g in for a iss but don go in all the way. let her move to meet your mouth. if she does not then pull back.

    that way you let her know you're into it and make it easy for her to respond but you dont end up ver stepping. or making her uncomfortable.


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  • i met this girl at the gym today, long story short - i gave her my number and she texted me a couple hours later. we are suppose to hangout this Saturday night. if we have fun and enjoy it, i'm planning on going for a kiss at the end of the night. thats just my opinion.

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