Girls what does it mean if a girl texts back but...?

Girls what does it mean If a girl texts you back hours later... sometimes doesn't text back at all and or sends a few words and only sends a few texts then quits...


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  • It goes both ways She could be not interested in you or she could be shy or scared to talk to you. When im not interested in a guy i will try and answer them to be nice but i won't answer them to many times or i will just flat out ignore them.

    But on the other hand im a shy girl and when my crush text me i will purposely ignore text and answer later so i don't seem like im desperate or waiting for texts from him. Im also afraid of creeping him out or embaressing my self.

    I hope I helped a little! Good Luck :)


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  • Depemds, sometimes this guy im not interested in texts me, sometimes i text back because i dont want to be rude, sometimes not at all and just take days or hours.

    Thought every girl has a different reason, maybe she's reserving her battery for something, or just doesn't want to say something stupid.
    Maybe you should go ahead and ask her, if there's a resson a girl is doing that, before you jump to conclusions :)

  • Generally speaking, girls want to speak if there is a chemistry there. Usually we continue the conversation as long as possible, if we feel sth.
    Also, it can be hide and seek game. How long have you known her?

  • Maybe she's busy. What are the texts about?


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