Guys: would you ever lie about this?

I was dating a guy I met on tinder for a month when all of a sudden I stopped hearing from him. When I reached out he told me he started dating an ex gf so felt like he should stop dating others to work things out with her. I believed him and understood but everytime I check tinder it says he's been active. That doesn't make sense to me if he claims he's just focusing on her. Now I'm beginning to think he lied about the ex so he wouldn't have to say he actually lost interest? what do you guys think?


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  • He could just be using it for an ego trip. Just to see if girls like him or picked him, but not actually following through. Or he was lying. Hard to say.

    Either way, forget about him. He didn't put you at number 1 regardless.

    • Very true...I guess I'll never really know for sure

    • Thanks a lot


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  • Sounds reasonable to me. People often lie about simply losing interest, because they want to try to spare the person's feelings.

    • Yeah...but he also did mention some family issues that he had been dealing with which I know to be true but why wouldn't he just keep it at that instead of adding in a lie about an ex. Who knows...but tks anyways

  • Sounds like he was trying to break things off with you gently.

  • Yea he din't to want to say it directly so he found an indirect way


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