Why does he text me all the time but doesn't want to hang out with me?

So I've been texting this guy for 4 weeks everyday. I told him I wanted to hang out about two weeks ago and he said it just wasn't a good time bc he was busy with finals and work. Well, finals are over now and I keep hinting that I want to hang out. He even says he's wants to, but he doesn't flat out ask me. I don't want to ask him bc the last time I did, he got kind of upset because I told him I felt like he didn't want to hang out with me. He told me he wouldn't be talking to me if he didn't want to hang out. What's up with this? Should I just ask him again or wait until he asks me? Opinions?


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  • How did you become so attracted to a guy that you would just text him for an entire month? I need to know his secret!


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  • Bbecause you girlz are pushy


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  • Give it some space he had finals and work let him relax abit. If he doesn't ask you by this coming up week then ask again.