Would you date someone who lived across the street from you that would be living there permanently?

A hypothetical question. My bf lives directly across the street from a lady and I always wondered why he didn't ever date her and he said no way, because if they ever broke up she lives right across the street from him,(in a house) and he said something about the aftermath of it, like her going crazy and getting vengence on him or stalking him.
I think he's dated some crazys in his time.
Just curious what others think. would you date someone in that close a proximity that was a permanent fixture there


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  • Been there, done that.
    ... if you consider apartment living AS permanent
    She was just so hot walking in the parking lot so often, I had to meet her... and later bed her.
    There just wasn't any usual passion, chemistry, so we drifted apart - sorry, I don't remember any drama or when we moved... she was pretty laid back, which I found refreshing & attractive.

    Agreed, he either dates crazies or makes them crazy.

    • so you have moved and dont live next to her anymore... right?

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    • because your breakups don't result in crazies... haha

    • thats right Hun :)


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  • Really depends how permanent we're talking. If we're talking their situation like two home owners permanent, then yea, probably not a good idea.

  • Fuck no! It would be awkward as all hell after the relationship ends

  • That is awkward...

  • No for the same reasons


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