Why is it so hard I tell how a guy feels about you sometimes?

I've been with this guy for 5 months and I seriously cannot tell how much he likes me. Maybe it's because I may be a total dud for detecting that but why is it so hard? Is it because I'm not looking in the right place for signs? Because guy doesn't verbalize? Why


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  • In relationships, one often treats a person how that person makes them feel about themselves.

    With that being the case, have you verbalized your feelings for him to him? Do you verbally and behaviorally express your feelings him openly?

    What type of guy is he, shy or outgoing? Other than expressing his feelings for you, how good of a communicator is he in general?


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  • "I seriously cannot tell how much he likes me"

    What are you expecting to see or hear, exactly? Do you have some kind of graduated scale?

    If he's going out with you, he likes you. What else is there to say?

    "Where are we at on the 'like-o-meter' John?"
    "It looks like we're at a 7.20 currently."

  • Just ask him. Next question.

  • You think it's any easier to figure out what a girl thinks about a us?


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