Dating this girl and she said to ask her ANYTHING?

Is that normal for a girl to say that? What are some questions I should ask her? We went on a first date and before that we had been talking a lot several times a week but now after the date we have been talking everyday. The first date went better then I thought it would, we went for lunch and we both barely ate anything on our plates! We just couldn't stop talking! We have planned another date for hopefully this weekend if weather holds up. Please answer respectfully. Thanks.


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  • This is really common when you're getting to know someone.
    Ask about her childhood since most people have fond memories related to it.
    And the most interesting stories come out of it.
    Ask about her friends
    About her hobbies.
    About her favourite vacations.
    About her high school years, the friends she had.

    • What are your thoughts if I ask her: what she likes about me?

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    • Yeah I told her she better start asking me some questions but I was joking. This morning she mentioned she has a list of questions. :D

    • Yay good! Enjoy this part of the relationship, it's the most fun. The questions get tiring after a while.


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  • this means that she is sincere and wants you to know her well...good sign

  • ask her questions. you can look them up online, i do that alot. i love when my guy asks me questions, makes me feel like he really wants to know about me and i love telling him stuff cause it makes me feel closer


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  • She wants you to be forward about sex if she was emphatic about the anything part.

    Ask her about her sexual fantasies

  • Who loses their shit about someone saying "I'm open" figuratively?

    Just ask her something wild like "How many times did you have anal with McNally from the football team?"