Not sure how to go about dealing with ex gf's sister when I will see her soon?

so to explain I haven't seen her in a few months but will likely be seeing her again soon as she has returned home from school and working at local pub that I go to often and where I had seen her last year as well. and she's not actually old enough to drink there at night but can work there as a server.
she already worked there last summer for a bit and was lots of issues between me and her , she could of got a job somewhere else but got one at place I go to often and she knew I went there a lot. we got along but was a lot of sexual tension and she often complained to sister I was friends with and trying to date at time that I was checking her out and looking at her boobs. she is a good looking girl and does have big boobs for her body size. I did look at her a few times but didn't think it was such a big deal. and don't deny that I find her body very attractive on a sexual level and do find her boobs very sexy. I do want to have sex with her but realise after all that has happened so far with her and sister it might not be a very good idea to try and date her and unlikely she'd want to anyways.

so yeah things feel apart with older sister I was friends with last year ( I never actually dated her sister but did want to ) , largely cause of stuff that happened with other sister at pub. I haven't seen older sister around town for while and think she moved away but younger one is still around and I'm not sure how to deal with her. I do think she does like me as at least a friend and I get along with other girls who work at pub. I was talking to one of her gf's at pub and got along fine with her the other night. but could see this girl stiring up a lot of issues as she is gossipy type and such.

so anyways not sure what to say to her as we haven't talked in months.


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  • Well Mate, stay away from your X's sister, spells trouble for me.
    All you need to do is to continue working in the pub.